April 19, 2018

Traveling to American Corner Maseru

When great minds come together, brainstorming and Planning be sure to expect good change.

Ntlafatso foundation envisions a healthier Africa, an HIV free generation. Ms  Lefojane Relebohile, Ntlafatso  Foundation chairperson, was invited to an open public discussion on HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination, on April 19th. The discussion proceeded at the American Corner in Maseru from 14:30  to 16:30. We were privileged to have in our presence, MrPhil Wilson, an HIV Activist from America. He is the founder of The Black AIDS Institute, one of the most effective organizations in the United States... Moreover, the room was also graced with the presence of chairpersons from other organizations, such as PEPFAR,  Positive living, Young African Leaders Initiative members etc..

Mr Phil Wilson, our guest speaker who has been living with HIV for more than 20 years, highlighted that in order to end the spread of HIV/ AIDS, we must address social issues ( poverty, unemployment)!”, recognize and make use of biomedical ( the Antiretrovirals) and behaviour ( the responsibility of the infected to faithfully take his or her medication.


The second point Mr Phil highlighted is the issue of men who seem reluctant to attend health campaigns, let alone approaching a health consultant. They took the initiative to solve that by building men’s health care centres, and thus far it has been a success as more men are now testing for HIV.

In closing Mr Phil asked each individual what they are doing to stop the HIV pandemic, it is not a one man’s problem but a global issue. If we can all stand together, we can defeat the HIV epidemic.

Moreover, we got the opportunity to network, and From that, I must say, although Lesotho holds number three when it comes to HIV prevalence, due to the effort that is invested it will not remain like that forever. Our young people, including myself, are in the forefront in putting this pandemic to rest and eventually to death.

My sincere gratitude goes to the YALI network ( Young African LeadersInitiative), the United States Embassy Maseru and PEPFAR for giving us such a great platform to learn and share with others what we know for the betterment of our organizations and the people we are serving.